Pledge of Allegiance
A. Open Comment Period
1. Open Comment Period
documentInformational Items Printout
B. Call to Order
Roll Call
C. City Administrator Report
D. Letters and Petitions
E. Consent Agenda/Organizational Business
1. Approval of December 4, 2017 Council Meeting Minutes & Video as the Official Record
documentAction Item Printout
a. 20171204 Draft Council Minutes
2. Reappointments to Boards, Committees and Commissions
documentAction Item Printout
3. Property Management Agreement BioBusiness Center
documentAction Item Printout
a. Paramark Management Contract Bio Business Center 2018-19 Draft
b. Paramark Management Contract 255 1st Ave 2018-19 Draft
c. 540-17
4. Armory Building Asbestos Abatement Cost Share Agreement
documentAction Item Printout
a. Asbestos Abatement Cost Share Agreement
b. 541-17
5. Temporary Construction Crane Easement
documentAction Item Printout
a. Crane.Opus.FireStation2
b. 542-17
6. New Licenses and Permits for December 18, 2017
documentAction Item Printout
7. Item Pulled from Consent
8. 2018 License Renewals
documentAction Item Printout
9. Item Pulled from Consent
10. Off Sale Liquor License Approval - Barrel House Spirits LLC dba Barrel House Spirits
documentAction Item Printout
11. On-Sale Liquor License Change and Approval - Jeffrey Fiesler dba Legends Bar and Fusion LLC dba Fusion Lounge
documentAction Item Printout
12. Transfer of Taxicab Franchise
documentAction Item Printout
13. Accounts Payable for December 18, 2017
documentAction Item Printout
14. Mayo Civic Center - Convention Center Expansion Change Order 16
documentAction Item Printout
a. RCA - Expansion Change Order 16
b. Change Order 16 Detail
c. 543-17
15. Boulevard Tree Green Facilities Agreement for Scenic Oaks West First Subdivision
documentAction Item Printout
a. 1 - Map
b. 2 - Staff Report
c. 3 - Tree Agreement
d. 4 - Approved Planting Plan
e. 544-17
16. Amendment to RCO 20.10 - Planning Commission Annual Meeting Date
documentAction Item Printout
a. Adkins revised 20.10(1)
17. Amendment to previous approval for Easement Vacation R2017-007VAC - Don Kendall
documentAction Item Printout
a. 1- Map
b. 2- Easement Map
c. 3 - Original Staff Report and Exhibit
d. 4 - Resolution
e. 545-17
18. Land Development Fees for Document Preparation & Recording, and Permits & Inspections (2018-2019)
documentAction Item Printout
a. Land Development Fees 2018-2019
b. 546-17
19. Award of Contract: Four (4) Revise Signal Systems, along Civic Center Drive; J6060
documentAction Item Printout
a. Location Map Phase 1
b. 547-17
20. Award of Contract: Rocky Creek Stream Stability Enhancement
documentAction Item Printout
a. Location Map
b. 548-17
21. Agency Agreement for Federal Projects
documentAction Item Printout
a. MnDOT Agency Agreement for Fed Projects
b. 549-17
22. Pedestrian Facilities Agreement – A & J Larson Real Estate LLC
documentAction Item Printout
a. A & J Larson Real Estate LLC M&B R2017-007 Ped Agree 120417
b. 550-17
23. Partial Release of Land from Development Agreement-Rochester Marketplace
documentAction Item Printout
a. Ryan Companies (Rochester Marketplace) DA from 2000
b. Partial Release of DA - L2 B2 Roch Marketplace 120817
c. 551-17
24. City-Owner and Construction Observation Contracts – Public Improvements to Serve Willow Heights Fifth Subdivision – J5484
documentAction Item Printout
a. J5484 - Professional Technical Services Contract
b. RCA Exhibit forWillow Heights 5th Subd J5484
c. J5484 Willow Heights 5th Subdivision C-O 121017
d. 552-17
25. Project Solicitation for Transportation Alternatives funding for FY 2022
documentAction Item Printout
a. Project Location Maps
b. Sample resolution language
c. ROCOG memo of support
d. 553-17
e. 554-17
26. City-Owner and Construction Observation Contracts – Public Improvements to Serve Scenic Oaks West First – J5466 (including off-site improvements to 48th St SW)
documentAction Item Printout
a. RCA Exhibit for Scenic Oaks West First J5466
b. J5466 Scenic Oaks West First C-O 120717
c. SOW First - Contract for Technical Services - signed 12-12-2017
d. 555-17
27. ROCOG Planning Memorandum of Understanding
documentAction Item Printout
a. Perf Targets MOU - ROCOG 2017
b. Performance Target Procedures - August 2017
c. 556-17
28. Amend language in MnDOT Master Partnership Contract
documentAction Item Printout
a. Old Resolution 02961 city of rochester-#1288364-v1
b. Current Resolution 1028509 city of rochester-#1930928-v1 (1)
c. 557-17
29. Development Agreement for the Alatus Mixed Use Development Project #R2016-022 CUP
documentAction Item Printout
a. AlatusDA Final w Attorney review 121217 (dated 120517)
b. Location Map for Alatus Development Agreement
c. 558-17
30. Development Agreement – Scenic Oaks West
documentAction Item Printout
a. Scenic Oaks West FInal Draft DA 121217
b. Reference Map of Scenic Oaks West
c. 559-17
31. Parking Changes on 3rd Ave SW
documentAction Item Printout
a. 560-17
Pulled from Consent
32. 2018 Massage Therapy Business License for Harmony Liu LLC dba Harmony Asian Massage
documentAction Item Printout
33. Establish Polling Places for the 2018 Primary and General Elections
documentAction Item Printout
a. 561-17
F. Reports and Recommendations
1. Revised Development Incentive Policies for TIF and Tax Abatement
documentAction Item Printout
a. 2017 Revised Development Incentive Policies
b. Relocation Assistance Comments received
c. Relocation assistance policy draft
d. 562-17
G. Hearings
documentAction Item Printout
1. Adoption of the 2018 Property Tax Levy, 2018 Operating Budget and 2018-2022 CIP
documentAction Item Printout
a. Budget Resolution COR. Budget18
b. Budget Resolution CIP.18
c. Budget Resolution Levy.TaxAbate.18
d. Memo Library Assistant II
e. 563-17
f. 564-17
g. 565-17
2. Authorize Issuance of Revenue Bonds on Behalf of Mayo Clinic
documentAction Item Printout
a. Bond Resolution Mayo 2017 Rochester-v2
b. 566-17
3. Final Plat #R2017-037PLAT, by Alatus Rochester, LLC, to be known as Alatus Folwell Addition, to consolidate existing parcels into one lot and dedicate right-of-way. The site is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of 2nd Street SW and 14th Avenue SW.
documentAction Item Printout
a. 1_NOTIF_MAP R2017_037PLAT
b. 2_Plat 2017-12-04 R2017-037PLAT
c. 3_Staff Report R2017-037PLAT Alatus Folwell Addition
d. 4_Referral Comments R2017-037PLAT
e. 567-17
4. Final Plat #R2017-038PLAT by KRB Rochester, LLC, to be known as Harvestview Seventh. The plat proposes to subdivide 9.99 acres into four lots.
documentAction Item Printout
a. 1- Map
b. 3 - Harvestview 7 Final Plat
c. 2 - Staff Report Harvestview 7
d. 4 - Referral Comments
e. 568-17
5. Conditional Use Permit #R2017-032CUP by Patrick Egan for an indoor gun range use in the B-4 zoning district. The site is located on the west side of Commercial Drive SW approximately 2000 feet south of 48th Street SW.
documentAction Item Printout
a. 1_NOTIF_MAP R2017_032CUP
b. 2_Maps
c. 3_Heartland Gun Range Staff Report R2017-032CUP
d. 4_CUP Narrative
e. 5_Applicant submittals 2017-11-01 R2017-032CUP
f. 6_Referral Comments R2017-032CUP
g. 7_DIM Forms 2017-11-01 R2017-032CUP
h. DRAFT CPZC minutes 2017-11-29
i. Rochester Myths and Realities of Indoor Gun Ranges
j. 569-17
6. Special District Amendment #R2017-002SD to the Chateau Circle Special District by Chateau Circle LLC. The applicant is proposing to amend the Special District to modify the Special District language. The project is located north of 55th Street NW and South of Villa Road NW.
documentAction Item Printout
a. 1_NOTIF_MAP R2017_002SD
b. 2_Staff report R2017-002SD Council 2017-12-18
c. 3_Applicant Narrative R2017-002SD
d. 4_Proposed ordinance text and exhibits with staff-proposed changes
e. 5_Chateau Circle Transportation Review November 2017
f. 6_Chateau Road Supplemental Traffic Study #4 111317
g. 7_Referral Comments R2017-002SD
h. 8_Citizen Comments
i. 9_Voluntary DIM meeting minutes
j. 10_CPZC minutes 2017-11-29
7. Text Amendment #R2017-010TA, initiated by the City Council to amend Section 62.910 of the Land Development Manual and Zoning Ordinance, regarding Comprehensive Special Districts. The provisions address amended language regarding the requirements to amend a Comprehensive Special District.
documentAction Item Printout
a. 1 - R2017-010TA 62.910 Special District (10-25-2017) Fina1
b. 2 - Marked up Draft Amendment Language LDM 62.910
c. 3 - City of Rochester Special Districts
d. 4 - Oct 2017 P&Z spec dist ltr
e. Special District Amendment-Mark Kramerltr
f. 5 - CPZC Minutes 2017-10-25 R2017-010TA
g. 2017-11-29 CPZC minutes-3
H. Council-Initiated Actions
I. Resolutions and Ordinances
1. First Reading:
documentAction Item Printout
2. Second Reading: None
documentAction Item Printout
J. Tabled Items
1. Assessments for Rubbish Removal
documentAction Item Printout
a. 570-17
K. Other Business
L. Adjourn