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Meeting History

Mar 7, 2017 4:30 PM  Park Board Regular Meeting

Mr. Widman reported on the progress made of starting a Park Foundation. They have reached out to stakeholders and will continue to move the initiative forward.

Mr. Widman reported on a retreat with the City Council in March. He will discuss aging infrastructure and keeping up with growth.

Mr. Widman reported on the mobile recreation program that will be implemented this summer.

Mr. Widman referred to good reports on maintenance activity as well as getting ready for golf and park activity. He referred to Ash tree removal, the Arbor Day Celebration and events held at Graham, National Volleyball Center, and the Recreation Center.

Ms. Gupta inquired on the program for the mobile recreation unit. Mr. Boldt reported on the field trips that have been done with SACC over the summer. Equipment in the trailer will serve those field trips as well as going to under-served parks. Seasonal staff will be used for the program. Mr. Widman explained the program's purpose to introduce kids to recreation and the outdoors. Basic programming and unstructured play without a curriculum. There will be program guidelines and the department would be open to partners.

Mr. Dale inquired on how often the trailer will be out. Mr. Widman explained staff will determine what works and build on that. He reported on the logo that will be on the outside of the trailer.

Mr. Dale inquired on stump grinding with Mr. Haberman reviewing the process. Stump grinding will begin as soon as the weather allows.