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Quarry Hill Interior Modifications Bid 2017


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Meeting History

Mar 7, 2017 4:30 PM  Park Board Regular Meeting

Mr. Nigbur reported on the project parameters. The estimated project cost was $190,000 and the bids came in very favorably. Staff recommends acceptance. A motion was made by Ms. Archer, seconded by Ms. Gupta to authorize bids for the Quarry Hill Nature Center interior modifications pending contract review from the City Attorney and execution of the contract(s) by the Mayor and City Clerk. Motion carried.

MOVER:Linnea Archer, Board Member
SECONDER:Angela Gupta, Board Member
AYES:John Sipple, Larry Mortensen, Vern Yetzer, Linnea Archer, Richard Dale, Angela Gupta
ABSENT:Paul Scanlon