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City of Rochester Annual Budget Hearing


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Meeting History

Dec 4, 2017 7:00 PM Video/Audio City Council Regular Meeting
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President Staver introduced this item, and welcomed City Administrator Steve Rymer forward to provide an initial presentation on the budget. Mr. Rymer presented as set forth in a PowerPoint.

Dale Martinson, Finance Director, came forward to present about the tax levy and to review the tax bills people receive.

00:53:40 Gary Neumann, Assistant City Administrator, came forward to talk about Local Government Aid.

00:57:55 President Staver opened the public hearing.


00:58:03 Barry Skolnick

01:00:22 Kathleen Harrington, interim president of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce

01:07:05 John Kruesel

01:13:14 Jan Throndson

01:17:08 Konrad Schulz-Fincke

01:25:07 Justin Theel

01:24:58 Fran Bradley

01:29:55 Duane Mathias

01:31:31 Sue Cox

01:32:16 Les Lyons

01:33:16 Greg Tindall

01:34:38 Tom DeBoer

01:37:40 Ray Hicks

01:40:26 Diana Freeman

01:43:25 Dr. Emil Koretzky

01:49:13 There being no one further to speak, the public hearing was closed at 8:49 p.m.

President Staver noted no action would be taken tonight, and spoke briefly about all elected officials also being residents and tax payers of the City.

01:49:45 Councilmember Wojcik commented.

01:50:40 Councilmember Campion asked that a slide from last year also be posted with the information for this year that illustrates what the City has control over, versus what is dictated at the state level.