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Establishment of Development District #64 and TIF Plan #64-1 for Technology Park Apartments


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Meeting History

Dec 4, 2017 7:00 PM Video/Audio City Council Regular Meeting
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President Staver opened the public hearing.

01:57:00 Nathan Stencil came forward on behalf of the applicants to speak in support of the request. He noted they are partnering with the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund and did meet the requests from City staff to increase the percent of affordable units for households at lower levels of AMI.

02:00:06 Patrick Ostrom with Real Estate Equities to speak about their partnership with the Stencil Group on this project to provide housing affordable to those at 50% and 60% of AMI without the use of federal funds.

02:02:14 John Kruesel came forward to speak against the request.

02:06:02 Jonathon Thorson came forward to speak against the request.

02:07:12 Barry Skolnick came forward to speak against the request.

02:08:52 There being no one further to speak, the public hearing was closed.

02:09:06 Councilmember Wojcik commented on the shortage of affordable housing, and the value proposition of $1.1 million in TIF for 65 units of affordable housing.

02:13:20 Councilmember Bilderback commented on the need for people to places to live, especially at lower income levels, and the amenities available to residents nearby.

02:16:10 Councilmember Campion commented on his objection to this action because the developer is now asking for TIF after justifying their restricted development application by stating they would not seek subsidies.

02:20:43 Councilmember Hickey commented about his lack of support for the project and the use of TIF.

02:21:28 Councilmember Hruska stated that he would not be supporting the use of TIF.

02:21:47 President Staver noted the question of the project itself is not before the Council, but rather just the commitment of TIF funds. He stated support for the project.

02:22:38 Councilmember Campion asked the City Attorney the criteria used to approve TIF projects. Terry Adkins responded. Councilmember Campion stated it is entirely appropriate to consider the impacts of this project and its features in considering the TIF request.

02:23:43 Councilmember Wojcik noted there can be an apartment building on the site regardless of the action taken by the Council, but there likely won't be affordable housing included.

02:26:09 Councilmember Johnson stated her understanding no tax credit subsidies would be sought, and therefore based on how it was presented can not support this.

02:27:00 Councilmember Campion moved, Hruska seconded, to deny the application. The motion to deny the establishment of Economic Development District #64 and TIF Plan #64-1 was adopted.

MOVER:Nick Campion, Councilmember
SECONDER:Ed Hruska, Councilmember
AYES:Nick Campion, Ed Hruska, Mark Hickey, Annalissa Johnson
NAYS:Randy Staver, Mark Bilderback, Michael Wojcik