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Adopted as Amended
Dec 4, 2017 7:00 PM

Request Hearing for J7317: Reconstruction of 9 AVE SW


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Meeting History

Dec 4, 2017 7:00 PM Video/Audio City Council Regular Meeting
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Item E.18 was pulled from the consent agenda to allow for discussion.

President Staver noted Public Works Director Richard Freese provided a modified recommendation this afternoon via email to the Council members.

Councilmember Hickey asked about the maintenance costs of constructing streets with bricks. Mr. Freese stated staff is looking into this, and has reached out to the City of Duluth for more information about this issue, as they have several brick streets. He indicated it is anticipated 60-70% of existing brick can likely be reused, and is quite durable. The questions staff is looking into are the methods and means for construction.

Councilmember Wojcik requested Mr. Freese read the recommendations he provided the Council for action tonight.

Councilmember Wojcik moved, Bilderback seconded, to adopt a resolution including the following provisions:

1. That selects Alternative A to reconstruct the street using existing brick as much as possible.

2. That orders the Project Hearing for J7317 to be held on January 17, 2018. Assessments to be apportioned by front footage of abutting lots for those costs over $150,000 (City share).

3. Whereby the City will waive the requirement for sidewalks at this time, but all the Property Owners must enter into an Assessment Agreement with the City prior to the January 17, 2018 Assessment Hearing. The Assessment Agreement will, among other things, defer the Property Owner’s obligations pay for the construction of sidewalks on their street until such time as the City Council adopts a comprehensive plan to address walkability and the location of sidewalks within the entire Historic Southwest District.

4. Amend and accept the Feasibility Report to reflect the changes set forth by this Resolution.

Councilmember Campion indicated a desire to see provision 3 altered to give the Council more latitude to determine a sidewalk was needed without an entire sidewalk comprehensive plan in place. Councilmember Wojcik and Mr. Freese commented on the provision.

Councilmember Campion moved to amend the motion on the floor to drop the word comprehensive from provision 3. The motion was approved by unanimous consent.

Councilmember Wojcik asked the City Attorney if he was okay with the language. Terry Adkins indicated he was.

Adopted Resolution No. 536-17 approving the Feasibility Report and setting a Public Hearing for January 17, 2018.

MOVER:Michael Wojcik, Councilmember
SECONDER:Mark Bilderback, Councilmember
AYES:Randy Staver, Nick Campion, Ed Hruska, Mark Bilderback, Michael Wojcik, Mark Hickey, Annalissa Johnson